I’ve been laid-off from my work as a land surveyor now about three years. I’ve worked an odd job in a grocery store, and do par-time photography, or full-time, what ever the case may be.

I’m also back in school (college) and taking college transfer (AA), liberal arts, but doubt that I will actually transfer to a four-year school at my age, forty-seven.

So, long story short, being that I’m somewhat tech-savvy (note somewhat), meaning knows enough to be dangerously destructive.

Actually, I’ve been on computers since the late 1980s, more so in the 1990s, and Linux was an OS that I played with early own but gave up because most employers used Microsoft windows. However,  didn’t give-up on Linux totally. In the early 90s I had a really nice IBM server that ran two Pentium Zeon processors and up to four, was hot-swappable, and heavy.

I loaded an early version of Linux SuSe on it and used it for a file server – where the family stored their music and photos – this was before Youtube – and Google was just starting to become a hot search engine.

The system ran for about three years with out a hitch … I could have virtual hosted, maybe a mail server, and expanded but the costs (overhead) to do so at the time was astronomical.

So the old server now sits dusty with cobwebs in it in my barn.

But the SuSe system impressed me enough to realize that compared to Microsoft’s OS, Windows 95, 97, and 2000 it was no comparison …Linux SuSE won hands down as being a much more versatile, stable and robust OS …

That’s why I’m back with Linux and determined to become a Linux Network Systems Administrator (NOS), and anything else Linux that I can put on my belt.

Follow me in my journey to self-learn Linux and work to become a NOS ,…

Contributors are welcome, just let me know.


  • Self Learning through trial and error and books at home.
  • NOS certificate program at school