This is a list of simple terminal commands that might get you through the day …

  • ROOT, timothy@debianx:~$ su 
  • root@debianx:/home/timothy#
  • Change directory, root@debianx:~# cd /home/timothy
  • root@debianx:/home/timothy#
  • Return, root@debianx:/home/timothy# cd
  • root@debianx:~#
  • Make directory, root@debianx:/home/timothy# mkdir /home/timothy/test
  • Call a program, timothy@debianx:~$ kwrite





  • List directory, timothy@debianx:~$ ls Downloads alsa-utils-1.0.23 automake-1.12 control.tar.gz dsktop install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz usr alsa-utils_1.0.23.orig.tar.bz2 automake-1.12.tar.gz data.tar.lzma firefox-13.0.1.tar.bz2 autoconf-2.69 BILLS-112hr5542ih.pdf debian flash-plugin- LinuxPkg_5.17rc5.tar.bz2 autoconf-latest.tar.gz bookmarks.html debian-binary frame opera_12.00.1467_i386.deb
  • Find, timothy@debianx:~$  find/home/timothy (will be a long list)

Will be adding many more commands. Check back!