Red Hat AdministratorRed Hat vs. Microsoft (MS) administrator … from the horses mouth, Red Hat wins hands-down.

In a discussion with a tech friend, who shall remain anonymous, that has been in network administration since the wee days of IBM, says one’s long-lived and prosperous future lies in becoming a Red Hat Admin any day of the week.

The reason, he states, is the majority of the worlds super-computers, corporate networks, and so on are ran one some flavor of Linux.

He says, “They’re stable and rarely crash as opposed to Microsoft servers.”

“Crashes in MS systems are common place,” he says; therefore, someone will be held accountable and that one is the administrator.

Apparently someone is needed to at least sit and watch a Linux system … Therefore, one’s future lies in the fact that they’re not apt to be blamed and “fired” or “replaced” because of a system crash.

“It’s a puppy mill,” he says. “The MS administrator’s life is a short-lived one.”