I have been downloading an playing around with various Linux OS since about … 1997. It began with SuSe in which I ran on an old IBM hot-swapable server powered by dual Pentium Zeon processors. It ran for about two-three years whithout a hitch and never crashed. I used it to store digital photographs and important documents. It was my first experience with Linux and impressive, considering the alternative – Windows. Since I’ve used Fedora on a notebook or two in school, and I’m now impressed with CentOS 4.5.in which I’m using to set-up a mail server, and toying with other alternatives … – I want to be free to do what I want – hence Linux. I’m no Linux pro or guru by any means, merely a hacker that bombs more than succeeds. But, I have fun trying, and believe that’s the appeal of Linux … the fact you can freely try.